Automotive Service Tips For Winter Driving!

winterdriveThe holiday season will soon be over, but winter driving in rainy, snowy and icy conditions will continue on for several more weeks or months. Before you head out to Grandma’s house, consider these automotive service tips to help make your trip less stressful. Even with all the season’s hustle and bustle, take time to get the appropriate automotive repair to make your trip worry-free and safe!

Seven Important Automotive Service Tips:

1. Tires Check your tire pressure as it will improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and ride. How is the tread depth? If it is too shallow, purchase new tires for safer driving through rainy or snowy weather.
2. Lights Don’t overlook a burned out headlight, or any other light (such as brake lights, back-up lights, turn indicators, and fog lights). You want to see and to be seen!
3. Windshield Wipers If your windshield wipers are more than six months old, you will want to have them replaced. You will be glad you did when that unexpected storm hits!
4. Brakes At least twice a year, have

Introduction And Types Of Tow Trucks

towtruckMan is the most intelligent creature on the earth. The human being knows how to make the use of available resources in the nature and to create new world of technology that is called the men-made world. In this men made world the most important and aggressive achievement is the introduction of machines and vehicles. The mixture of machines and vehicles give nice movement and mobility to the machines and one of the best examples of the same theme is the Tow truck. Tow trucks are having amazing utility and are following the concept of towing that has got the oldest experience for the men kinds.

The Tow trucks can be defined as the trucks that are used mainly to transport the motor transport to other locations and also to transfer the heavy machines or ant of the construction site elements. These trucks are making the auto transportation easy and also are providing the best possible services in the emergency helps required to the company. They arrange the reparable or problematic vehicles to the garages or any other service centers

The Tools You’ll Need for Classic Car Restoration

classic carSeasoned auto enthusiasts and even weekend-warriors can make great progress on their classic car restoration projects – but only if they have the right tools. Most classic cars have old parts, rusty patches, and jagged edges. It takes a well-stocked tool kit to work with these problems and make your car as good as new. If you’re thinking about taking on a new project, here are a few of the most important pieces of equipment and tools that you’ll need.

Impact Wrench

Most old cars have lug nuts and bolts that are far too difficult to unscrew with muscle power alone. Even if you can manage to get them off manually, they’re probably found all over your car. To save yourself time, energy, and a lot of frustration, you’ll need to keep a quality impact wrench in your garage. It can take even the tightest bolt off in seconds.

Angle Grinder

If you plan on doing your own bodywork, you’re going to need a grinder. Angle grinders allow you to take off large patches of rust

Chemical-free Car Air Fresheners

We all love to use air fresheners in our cars. But did you know that certain air fresheners can do more harm than good?

A recent study conducted by the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) on different air freshener brands; they found out that 80 percent of these store-bought air fresheners contained variable amounts of phthalates.

Phthalates are substances that are added to plastic to make them last longer, make them more flexible and more durable. While these findings are still a subject of much debate in the industry; studies have shown that high doses of phthalates have been linked to hormonal disruption, allergies, including eczema in children, and precocious puberty in girls.

In fact, the United States, Canada, and the European Union have banned the use of phthalates over health concerns.

In some cases, air fresheners can also contain chemicals like benzene, petrochemicals and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde. These chemicals can cause long-term health problems and are harmful to the environment too.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notes that most store-bought air fresheners contain one or more of the previously listed chemicals. In addition, the EPA’s Indoor Guide to Air Quality explicitly states that VOCs from air fresheners and other products

So You’re Thinking Of Getting A Monster Truck

Monster trucks are essentially modified pickup trucks purpose built with massive wheels. Monster Trucks are legal to drive on the roads throughout most countries including UK and most States of the USA. Throughout America each state has different regulations which dictate the acceptable level of modification to be approved for use on a public road.

Such regulations often specify but are not limited to:
Suspension upgrades,
Height of headlights,
Total height of the truck,
Distance from headlights and taillights to the ground,
Mud flaps distance from the ground,
Bumper height,
Weight restrictions,
Wheel base,
Treed on tyre.

These regulations are to name a few, its recommended to check with your country or states transport agency before any modifications are carried out as what was good in Montana is not the same as what is acceptable in Mississippi. It can be very expensive to meet the criteria after modification has taken place.

If you do not meet the minimum requirements for off modified passenger automobile you may be confined to using the monster truck for off road only until you meet the criteria.
Most monster trucks would be classed as ‘a modified private passenger automobile designed for carrying passengers on public roads’, which means

Common Problems with Used Heavy Trucks

Heavy duty trucks are very expensive and are certainly a big investment for many people, especially when they absolutely need it for their jobs. While purchasing brand new trucks may seem like the best option in terms of reliability and efficiency, they can quickly skyrocket over a conservative budget that most people are willing to spend, which leaves the options of used heavy trucks.

There are many safe and reliable used heavy trucks available on the market but its important to know the common problems that these types of trucks have, so that you can avoid purchasing a model that will require constant repairs.


As is the case with many used cars, used heavy trucks also face the problem of rust. While some truck bodies will not show obvious signs of rust, its very important to do a thorough check to make sure the integrity of the vehicle body is perfectly intact. If there are problematic areas that have succumbed to rust buildup, its recommended to continue your search for a good used truck.

The biggest problem with rust is the fact that the truck becomes weak in particular parts and the rust will simply continue to spread until the truck is no